Attention Buyers: Bidding Wars are Back

Yes, the bidding wars are back!!! That is why you need the top NEGOTIATOR in the business. We, at The Property Shop of CT, are #1 in Negotiating any business deal from getting a new furnace on a short sale to getting a roof paid by a bank-owned. Leave the Negotiating to the Experts! Call today at 860-461-0214 to get the best deal on your next home. There are still good deals on the market!!!


5 Signs that It’s a Good Time To Sell

HOUSE HUNTING TIP: The best time to sell is when consumer confidence is  on the upswing; interest rates are low; unemployment is decreasing; the  economic news is mild; and there are more buyers in your local market niche  than there are sellers. A high-demand, low-inventory market gives sellers an  edge.