Home Sales on the Rise!!!


The supply of homes for sales is at very low levels, after being very high for most of the past seven years. There is no longer a glut of homes for sale; the market is now faced with a relative shortage of homes for sale, although there are signs that the inventory of homes for sale is rising


Stop Foreclosure Now!!!


You can avoid Foreclosure!!! Call the office today and inquire about how to save your house through a modification or how you can sell your home on a Short Sale. 

Did you know there is relocation money available for the homeowner if the homeowner is owner-occupied?  Relocation assistance from $2,000- $5,000 given at a short sale closing.

Call 860-461-0214 for a Free Consultation.  Don’t wait till its too late!!! 

Buying a Multi-Family Home – Some Important Tips to Remember!!!

When purchasing a multi-family home, there are few things you need to keep in mind.

(1)  If you are purchasing with tenants that have leases: Get Copy of Lease, and get in writing any deposits made by the tenants.

(2) If the tenant has a month to month and you want to purchase the property without the tenants you must put that in writing in the “other conditions” part of your contract.

(3) Once you become the owner of the property, you can produce a new lease for your month to month tenants only.  Tenant with leases have to complete the term before you can request a new lease.

Stay tuned for more tips…

Important tips once you get that famous “Preapproval”

  • Make sure you pay every bill on or before the due date (pay one bill late before closing and loan can get cancelled) bank checks credit prior to closing
  • Do not make any large purchases (this will affect your take home pay which will then affect your preapproval)
  • Do not deposit large sum of money (consult with your loan office prior to depositing any large sum of money – money has to be tracked – this can affect your loan)

More important tips to follow….

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First Time Homebuyers in CT – FHA 203k Renovation Loan


Heard about the FHA 203k Renovation loan is? Lets say you’re preapproved for $100,000 purchase a property with a loan for $80,000 and the remaining $20,000 can be used to repair the home (up to $35,000) in repairs.  Now, you purchase a home with an affordable mortgage and completely remodeled.  Call the office today for more information and ask how you can get preapproved 860-461-0214.

Are you in danger of Foreclosure???


Are you behind on your mortgage payments and want to sell your property but it is not worth what you owe?  Did you know that you can sell your property in a Short Sale and the bank will forgive the difference.  Let it go into Foreclosure and it stays on your record for 7+ years.  Call today and ask how we can help 860-461-0214.

Dont Give Up!!!

If you took the first step in applying for a loan and found out your credit was too low, don’t give up!!!  Its easier than you think!  Call The Property Shop of CT today @ 860-461-0214.  We have an in-house successful credit repair company CJP Credit Repair.  They’re affordable and truly boost your credit score.